Science 9/10 Honours

March 13
Fly reflections due
Biology Unit Test

March 11
Biology Review Block
Biology Unit Test next class
Fly Reflections due next class

March 9
Library block to complete Genetic Disease Assignment - Due March 11
Biology Unit Test Friday March 13th

March 5
Genetic Disease Assignment - Due March 11

March 3
Finish Gene Doctors
Organize Fly Data

Feb. 28
Genetic Tech Introduction
Gene Doctors

Feb. 26
Natural Selection Notes

Feb. 21
Natural Selection Simulation

Feb. 19
Design a Species Project Work Class - Due Feb 26th

Feb. 13
Blood type lab
Design a Species Project - Due Feb. 25th

Feb. 11
Non-Mendelian Genetics - Multiple alleles and X linked traits
Fly predictions

Feb. 7
Non-Mendelian genetics: incomplete dominance and codominance
Fly Predictions

Feb. 5
Penny Genetics Activity
Dihybrid Crosses

Feb. 3
Notes - Mendelian Genetics

Jan. 30
Development Notes
Introduction to Human Traits

Jan 28
Meiosis Quiz
Working with Flies
Course Planning for next year

Jan. 24
Time to work on poster
Meiosis and Mitosis comparison
Introduction to Fruit flies
Meiosis Quiz next class

Jan. 22
Mitosis and Asexual Reproduction Quiz
Review Meiosis and finish notes
Mitosis vs Meiosis Poster

Jan 20
Mitosis Activity
Notes - Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis
Quiz next class

Jan. 16
Mitosis Review
Asexual Reproduction Notes

Jan. 14
Mitosis Notes

Jan. 10
How proteins are made notes and lego activity
Quiz next class on DNA and proteins

Jan. 8
Strawberry DNA Lab
Genes, Chromatin, and Chromosomes

Jan. 6
Cell Organelle Review
DNA structure and function

Dec. 19
Chemistry Unit Test

Dec. 17
Chemistry Review Day 2

Dec. 13
Chemistry Review Day 1

Dec. 11
Antacid Neutralization lab - Finish write up

Dec. 9
Lab 2 G Acids and Bases - Finish lab write up
**Chemistry Unit Test Dec. 19th

Dec. 5
Acid Base Notes
Prepare for Lab 2G
**Chemistry Unit Test Dec. 19th

Dec. 3
Lab 2D

Nov. 29
Checkpoint 2
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

Nov. 27
Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions

Nov. 22
Chemical Reactions Lab

Nov. 20
Chemical Reactions Demos

Nov. 18
Chemical Reactions Assignment

Nov. 14
Classifying Chemical Reactions

Nov. 12
Writing Chemical Reactions

Nov. 6
Take Your Kids to Work Day

Nov. 4
Balancing Equations Practice
Writing Chemical Reactions - Word and Skeleton Equations

Oct. 31
Continue Chemical Reaction notes
Balancing Chemical Reactions Practice

Oct. 29
Law of Conservation of Mass Lab
Continue Chemical Reactions Notes

Oct. 24
Ionic and Covalent Quiz
Chemical Reactions Notes

Oct. 22
Molecular Model Activity

Oct. 18
Covalent Compounds

Oct. 16
Ionic Practice - Compound Rummy Game

Oct. 11
Polyatomic Ions

Oct. 9
Ionic Naming and Writing Formulas

Oct. 7
Checkpoint Quiz
Ionic Bonds

Oct. 3
Lab 2E Chemical Reactivity
Checkpoint Quiz #1 next class

Oct. 1
Notes - Lewis Diagrams and Electron Arrangements
Prep Lab 2E Trends in the Periodic Table

Sept. 27
Mendeleev Periodic Table Activity
Finish Periodic Table Project

Sept. 25
Notes - Periodic Table
Periodic Table Project

Sept. 23
Introductory Assessment
Notes - Atomic Theory
Bohr Models Worksheet

Sept. 18
Review Graphing
Scientific Method Practice - in class learning opportunity next block

Sept. 16
Finish Safety
Making Measurements
Graphing Assignment for Homework

Sept. 12
Bubble Gum Lab

Sept. 10
Scientific Method Notes
Bubble Gum Lab

Sept. 6
Finish Science Chats Activity

Sept. 4
Science Chats Activity

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